In-Person Support


InCamera's hands-on approach to training and support is what makes us stand out from the crowd.  Meet with a member of the InCamera team whenever you need support in your meeting room. A support team member will join your call and talk to you via video chat, or connect through chat if that’s what you prefer. Let us help you customize your experience.


During an event, an InCamera team member can join your room to help in any way that you need. We can help team members or attendees who need assistance with joining, setting up their audio or video, or any other issues they may run into through the course of the call. It’s important to us that InCamera is accessible and easy to use for everyone. 

Live Demo


Sign up for your free trial to access a live demo of all of our features. We will provide you with a three-day trial of InCamera with full support. Explore, ask questions, and test every part of your new InCamera room before launch.

Setting up an event like a tradeshow or job fair? We’ll take you through an entire test run before the event. Your success is our priority, so let’s work together to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. Do a complete walkthrough of your tradeshow from the viewpoint of an attendee and discover what the experience will look like.



InCamera offers full training sessions for you and your team. Make sure that everyone understands the platform to speed up your meeting setup time. Confused about any of InCamera’s features? A real person is ready to walk you through it at your request. No talking to robots or waiting days for a response.